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Products And Services

Equity and Money Market Investments

TNAM undertakes investments in quoted securities and money market instruments on behalf of its clients through technical analysis, asset selection, portfolio construction and management. We construct, evaluate, manage and review equity portfolios for our clients and we structure options on shares, commodities, currencies and derivatives of these assets for our clients. We offer attractive capital preserving returns to investors with distinct investment risk tolerance. 

Special Funds

Savings And Investments Fund

TNAM has launched a Savings and Investment Fund targeted at Teachers, Nurses, and the Uniformed forces with the intention of assisting them to save for their future endeavours. This is a long term investment fund which allows for monthly contributions. Because of the varying incomes, the investment packages are categorized and have different contribution limits.

Wedding Investment Fund

The wedding investment fund is dedicated to serve the interests of clients whose vision is to build a pool of funds dedicated to finance their wedding in future. Portfolios will be constructed in line with the considerations specified for each package to yield expected return objectives for the clients. It embodies three packages, that is, The Reality Package, The Standard Package, and The Royalty Package.

Property Investment Fund

Property as an investment asset is considered to be a stable, mature, and real income generator, with solid capital preservation dynamics. It is however expensive to acquire, associated with high transaction costs, considered relatively illiquid (reflected by the large bid – ask spreads), and relatively not easy to exit the investment. It is thus the preserve of investors with a long term investment view, with capital preservation investment objectives, low to medium risk appetite and steady income streams for liquidity. Such players are high net worth players with excess disposable incomes that are not constantly required for recurrent consumption expenditure. However, this property investment fund gives any ordinary investor an opportunity to participate in the property market and offers an opportunity to individuals who want to invest in property which is predominantly the dream of many but the preserve of few due to the high capital requirements. The fund is targeting investors whose primary objective is capital preservation, long term growth associated with property investments as well as the ability to utilize the asset to access other financial opportunities. 

World Youth Day 2013 Investment Fund

This is a savings plan as well as a cost reduction plan that will anchor the efforts of individual youths to build reserves and leverage on the savings mass built. TNAM, in conjunction with the Archdiocese of Harare, has presented an opportunity for young people to meet the Pope and participate in the World Youth Day celebrations by setting up a fund to assist young people save up as well as benefit from potential bargains through group bookings and purchases. These could include competitive travelling costs, pocket money arrangements, and Travelex passports for financial security among others.

Today’s Woman Israel Pilgrimage Fund

Travelling to a foreign country may be a huge financial burden for one. Today’s Woman, in conjunction with TNAM, is offering an affordable investment plan for the Today’s Woman trip to Israel. The purpose of the Fund is to enable those who wish to travel to save money for their tour, as well as enjoy the following benefits:

  • Visa processing
  • Return air ticket
  • Hotel accommodation for two per room
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Tour bus
  • Entrance to the touring sites.

Pension and Insurance Funds Management

We offer asset management services to occupational pension funds as well as other structured funds that companies or organizations might establish.  We also manage self insurance funds and funds set up by insurance companies. Flexible, effective and efficient techniques that aim to optimize return per unit of risk are employed to the advantage of Fund beneficiaries. We provide monthly and quarterly valuation reports reflecting the performance of the Pension Fund. TNAM also has strategic partnerships in place with Pension Fund Administrators who provide the actuarial valuations and back office administration regarding pension contributions and claims.

Custodial Services

We keep share certificates, title deeds and other valuable securities on behalf of our clients. We collect dividends or other income due on the securities for our clients, and we register financial assets for them. We also advise our clients on how to sweat their assets held in our custody through scrip loans and guarantee services.

Wealth Management

Wealth management incorporates management and coordination of transactions on behalf of the clients in an accountable and professional manner. There are customers especially those in the Diaspora who may be too busy to take care of payments to relatives, payment of bills, collection of rentals, etc.

Estate Planning

We work to understand your unique situation and provide customized estate planning and wealth transfer strategies that realize your financial goals, securing the utmost benefit for you, your family, your business and the organizations you support. For new or revised estate plans, we devise tax-efficient business succession for closely held businesses and innovative trust arrangements to create a seamless financial plan that works to guarantee your objectives.

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