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TN Asset Management (Private) Limited (“TNAM”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lifestyle Holdings (Private) Limited. TNAM is a registered asset management company which offers investment advisory as well as asset portfolio construction and management services to individuals, corporates and organizations. Our area of specialty is portfolio management for clients who participate in Zimbabwe’s prime financial markets which are the money, property and stock markets.


We aspire to be the most preferred independent asset manager that preserves and enhances the value of client’s assets.


We will develop new innovative products that will attract investments from the traditional forms of investment and will discharge our clients’ mandates professionally, honestly, efficiently and with integrity.

Investment Approach

When properly analyzed, uncertainty can create compelling investment opportunities. TNAM provides a wide range of investment opportunities in various asset classes, so as to allow for diversification and cover a wide risk/return spectrum. Our investment management strategies maximize returns within reasonable and prudent levels of risk as we are dedicated to flexibility and innovation, thus ensuring that we are able to secure opportunities for improved returns within your investment strategy.

TN Baker

TN Baker

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