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PelhamsIn 2012 TN Holdings Limited acquired 56.57% shareholding in Pelhams.

The recent history of Pelhams Limited dates back to 1978 when Delta Corporation Limited diversified its operations into furniture retails stores by acquiring Spring Master Corporation Limited, a furniture manufacturer, and its retail outlet subsidiary, J. Pelhams (Private) Limited which was established in 1949. Pelhams became the country’s dominant home furniture and appliance credit retailer, expanding from a single Pelhams branch in Robert Mugabe Road, Harare, to 33 outlets at its peak trading under a variety of brand names situated across the country.

In 1989 the company went into strategic partnership with Profurn Limited of South Africa, one of the largest furniture retailers in sub-Saharan Africa, which then had 40% share holding in the Company. This strategic partnership provided the Company with opportunity to export the region, as well as access to a ready source of merchandising, purchasing and operational expertise. To take advantage of export opportunities and also ensure exclusivity of product, in 1995 the Company opened a manufacturing concern, Acorn Furniture Manufacturers, specialising in fully upholsters and show wood lounge suits. In August 2002 the Directors sold of Acorn furniture Manufactures as it was to be non-core and contributing very little to the overall Company performance.

J. Pelhams (Private) Limited was de-merged from Delta Corporation Limited on 31 March 2002 via a dividend in-specie distribution and simultaneously converted into a public company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange by way of an introduction on 3 April 2002.

During 2002, Profurn Limited was taken over by the JD Group in South Africa. The restructuring that ensued resulted in Profurn Limited selling its interests in the Company to offshore investors. In November 2008 the company acquired Tradewinds Private Limited, a case good manufacturing company. In 2012 TN Holdings Limited acquired 56.57% shareholding in Pelhams.

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