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As a responsible corporate citizen, the TN Holdings Group set up the CSRC in order to address internal and philanthropy issues affecting the Group,in a fair and consistent way to all stakeholders.

The CSRC will therefore have oversight over all aspects of CSR including employment issues, health and safety, human rights, workforce diversity and inclusion, the environment, community and social investment, compliance with ethical trading and business practices.
Regarding these elements of corporate social responsibility, the CSRC will provide oversight and respond to community demands as follows:

(a) Employment issues

The TN Holdings Group is committed to:

i) Developing a workforce where there is mutual trust and respect, free from harassment, where every person feels responsible for the performance and reputation of our company;

ii) Respecting the rights of individuals  their customs and traditions and their right to freedom of association;

iii) Recruiting, employing and promoting  employees on the basis of objective criteria and the qualifications and  abilities needed for the job to be performed in line with our Equal Opportunities Policy; 

iv) Maintaining good communications with employees through our information and consultation procedures; 

v) Providing our employees with suitable training and assisting them in realising their potential; 

vi) Ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of our employees’ personal information is respected;

viii) Suitably rewarding our employees for  their contribution to the success of the business;  

ix) Providing mechanisms whereby employees can raise legitimate concerns confidentially regarding malpractice and ensuring no one will be victimised for a report made in good faith;

x) Providing employees with the appropriate information and training to comply with this Code and the associated policies; and

(b) Health and safety

i) The TN Holdings Group regard safety as a priority area for the company and is committed to achieving and maintaining standards of occupational health andsafety – for all employees and contractors and also for members of the public who may be affected by our activities.

ii) All our operations and activities are undertaken in accordance with current health and safety legislation, relevant codes of practice and our own company Health and Safety Policy. Group Human Resources Division is responsiblefor managing the implementation of this policy, which includes providing any necessary information, instruction, training and supervision.

iii) It is company policy that all new manufacturing staff are required to attend a health and safety seminar on engagement. Existing staff are also regularly updated with the latest regulations and legislation. This update serves as an opportunity to reinforce their duty to take reasonable care for their safety and for the safety of other people who may be affected by their operations.

iv) The company also actively promotes and encourages all manufacturing staff to attend first aid courses.

(c) Human rights, workforce diversity and inclusion

i) TN Holdings Group is an equal opportunities employer and is fully committed to ensure that no employee or applicant receive less favourable treatment or is discriminated against in terms of race, gender, marital status, colour, ethnic origin, religion, sexuality ordisability.

ii) Our recruitment policy is to employ personnel whose capability, experience and qualifications are appropriate to the positions available and to the duties and responsibilities expected of them.

(d) The Environment

i) TN Holdings Groupis committed to making continuous improvement in the management of its environmental impact as set out in our Environmental Policy.

ii) All employees are expected to adhere to the requirements of the local environmental management system and support the improvement in our environmental performance.

(e) Community and social investment

i) As a Financial Services Group, TN Holdings provides an essential service to the community.  We play a major role in providing household goods, health services and financial services to both individuals and corporates.  The operation of our services therefore touches on all members of the community with the potential to impact positively on quality of life.

ii) We also operate from a significant number of properties countrywide and have responsibility to those living and working nearby as well as being a significant employer in those communities.

iii) Our relationships with the local communities we serve are therefore very important to us and are an essential part in the growth of our business. When developing our services, we have a role to play in improving services for the community as a whole and not just our individual customers.

iv) As part of our daily operations, we therefore engage with the community at a range of levels as customers, neighbours, potential employees, businesses and residents.  Through our community social responsibility strategy, we seek to play our part in promoting socially inclusive policies, encouraging the young and disadvantaged and helping older members of the community and the disabled.

v) In line with our core values, our community social responsibility strategy incorporates the following elements:

a)  Engagement with the local communities in which we operate on the quality of our services and any changes to those services; 

b)  Working with local authorities, businesses and other interested parties to promote sustainable operations and improve quality of life;

c)  Offering employment opportunities to all sectors of the community through non-discriminatory policies and promoting opportunities to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups;

d)  Promoting engagement between our staff and the community;

e)  Supporting local community groups and charities;

f)  Improving the environment in and around our operations;

g)  Promoting broader opportunities for workplace learning;

h)  Supporting local initiatives for the development and education of young people in the areas we serve; and

i) Working closely with local law enforcement agencies to address anti-social behaviour, crime and vandalism as well as promoting community safety.

(f) Compliance with ethical trading and business practices

i) We aim to develop strong relationships with our suppliers, stakeholders and others with whom we have dealings, based on mutual trust, understanding and respect. 

ii) In those dealings, we expect those with whom we do business to adhere to business principles consistent with our own. 

iii) We will conduct our operations in accordance with the principles of fair competition and applicable regulations.

iv) The Group’s accounting and other records and supporting documents must accurately describe and reflect the nature of the underlying transactions.

v) No unrecorded account, fund or asset will be established or maintained.

vi) We will comply with the laws and regulations applicable wherever we do business. We will obtain legal advice where felt necessary to comply with this commitment.

vii) We will review and track our business risks including social and environmental risks.

viii) The Group will not facilitate, support, tolerate or condone any form of money laundering.

ix) To ensure that our business is run in an ethical and effective manner we will maintain internal controls in line with the Group’s operational procedures.

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